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Education Programme

ME IMPORTAS has launched a scholarship programme for Primary, Secondary and Professional Training, aimed at those children and young people in rural areas who have a strong motivation to study but lack the financial means to do so because their families do not have sufficient resources to meet the schooling expenses.

Children and teenagers that without such an opportunity are doomed to child labour or marginalization.

ME IMPORTAS establishes a long-term commitment to the education of our students. The scholarships cover full annual school fees, school supplies, uniform and transport fees as well as boarding and lodging, if necessary.

For the proper development of the program we work together with a group of local schools and institutions where our students study and whose cooperation is essential for us.

Education is for ME IMPORTAS a key tool for change. Therefore, we have implemented a system of “Sponsorship studies”, with the aim of helping as many children as we can. It is a transparent sponsorship format for each student and godfather / godmother.

If you want to be involved in this program and become a godfather / godmother for the studies of some of our children and youth, or want more information about the program, please visit our Education Sponsorship tab or contact us at