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DECA GUATEMALA is the name of the project that ME IMPORTAS is developing in the Izabal region of Guatemala. Itís targeted at children, teenagers and adults that live in poverty-stricken rural areas, mainly small villages next to Rio Dulce and El Estor.

Our aim is to offer these inhabitants future opportunities through education and increase of opportunities, fighting against poverty, discrimination and child labor.
Izabal has a population above 400,000 of which 67% of the population is rural and is distributed in small villages well located in the mountains or surroundings of the Rio Dulce, one of the main resources in the region. The isolation due to the transportation and communication difficulties, the high level of illiteracy of its inhabitants, the lack of job opportunities, the instability of agricultural work and farming make the rural areas of Izabal, and in general Guatemala, a very scarce, poor area.

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