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Me IMPORTAS has launched a transparent and personalised sponsorship programme with a long term compromise with the quality of the children’s education and a steady communication system between the sponsor, the organisation and the child.
Within this programme we have three types of sponsorships:

  • Children and young people going through primary, secondary and technical studies from depressed rural areas of Izabal, Guatemala

  • Children and young people going through primary and secondary studies living in the Park Circus slum, in the heart of Kolkata.

  • Children and young Tibetan refugees living in India, exiled due to the Chinese-Tibetan conflict. In the case of these children we work closely with the local non-profit organisation TIBETAN CHILDREN VILLAGES, who have been taking care of ensuring the human rights of Tibetan exiles in India for decades

This being a personalised sponsorship we would like to decide with you on how and who to sponsor. So if you would like to sponsor one of our children in Guatemala or India and help guarantee their access to a quality education and brighter future, please contact us at or by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab.